2021 Race Courses

The 4 mile course turns right heads up the Orange Trail until intersecting the Purple Trail. The course then climbs a dirt road section of the purple trail up to the Yellow Trail. 4 mile runners then descend the Yellow Trail back to the White Trail, and follow the White Trail singletrack all the way back to the finish at Boling Park for a total of approximately 4 miles.

This year's 7 mile course will follow the same start as the 4 mile, however will continue straight onto the Green Trail then take a short section of road to the Orange Trail. Runners will pass an aid station at approx mile 4.1 when crossing the road, then will continue to follow the Orange Trail back to the Purple Trail and make their way uphil towards the Yellow Trail. Once on the Yellow Trail, runners are treated to some nice downhill back to White Trail, and follow the singletrack all the way back to the finish at Boling Park for a total of 7 miles. Elevation gain is approximately 650'.

The running surface varies from flat, wide gravel jogging path to rocky, narrow singletrack. Both courses have significant elevation gain, and the surface may be loose in sections, so trail running shoes are recommended.

Hikers and walkers are encouraged to enter but should strongly consider the 4 mile course due to the difficulty of the courses.

Sutallee 4 Mile Garmin Connect File

Sutallee 4 Mile GPX File

Sutallee 7 Mile Garmin Connect File

Sutallee 7 Mile GPX File

If you are pre-running the long course, PLEASE print the map and take it with you if you are not familiar with the area. You WILL get lost if you do not have a map.

I'd also highly recommend wearing bright colors and running with a buddy if out on the 7 mile course. The trails are adjacent to WMA land, so hunters may be present during the winter months.