2015 Battle of Allatoona Creek - April 18, 2015 - Race #2 of the Mountain Goat Adventures Trail Run Series

Mountain Goat Adventures is excited to bring you to the Allatoona Creek Trails in Acworth, GA.

New Courses for 2015!

Allatoona Creek features our most beginner-friendly short course, perfect for first-time trail runners and kids!

The 10 mile course is a mixture of grass fields, wide woodsy trails, and twisty singletrack. The race will begin with some wide open roads, then heads into the gently rolling singletrack of the Rusty Bucket and Mason's Bridge trails. Runners will then return to the Start/Finish and continue via grass fields to the new 2 mile Mumbo Jumbo Trail before returning to the Start/Finish.

The 4 mile course begins with much like our 10 mile course but stays on flat, wide roads and grass paths for 2 miles before heading into the gently rolling singletrack of the new Mumbo Jumbo Trail. This will allow our beginner runners the opportunity to "warm-up" before hitting more rolling terrain.

This will be the fastest of our four trail run courses!

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